Preweld Newsletter - June 2016

Hi there, [customer]

The winter chill has taken over, but the frigid cold hasn't stopped us from rounding up some great specials on a selection of our best welding products for the month of June!

Thermamax Mig Welder 350 Amp Thermamax - R29,995.00 each 

This machine features a solid, well-built structure that's reliable for any manufacturing environment. It sports a high quality transformer design with copper class (H) winding, step adjustment that's divided into 30 steps for easy selection. It also has a spot welding function, with continuous spot and space welding functions also available. The welder also has a built-in volt and amp meters for easy monitoring. The Thermamax has a separate wire feeder with easy wire speed adjustment settings. Our special also includes a mig torch, flow meter and earth cable.

Power Supply (V): 380V or 380/525V +/- 10%
Frequency (HZ): 50
Open Circuit Voltage (V): 19 - 40
Welding Voltage (V): 17 - 32
Line Input Current (A): 380v - 8 525v - 7.33
Output Current (A): 60 - 350
Duty Cycle (%): 60
Power Factor (%): 0.93
Efficiency (%): 85
Wire Feeder: Separate external
Wire feed speed (m/min): 1.5 - 15
Welding wire dia. (mm): 1.00/1.60
Protection Class: IP21S
Insulation Grade: F
Weight (kg): 170
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 725 x 460 x 790

Our Other Product Specials for June 2016

Handcleaner with Grit (5kg) - R100.00 each
Vitamax 2.5mm (5kg) - R485.00 each
Vitamax 3.15mm (5kg) - R427.50 each
Vitamax 4.0mm (5kg) - R427.50 each
Cylinder Trolley - Single - R900.00 each
Cylinder Trolley - Double - R1100.00 each
Cylinder Trolley - LPG - R1200.00 each