InvestCo was established in 2011, with the sole objective to invest in investments that will insure and supplement future income of the Trust. The purpose of establishing InvestCo was to fulfil the requirements of the Trust Deed to enable future sustainability of SIOC-cdt and its beneficiaries.

The Trust Deeds allows that up to 30% of the income of the Trust may be allocated for investments. As the activities of InvestCo are commercial in nature, the investments that was made by the Trust had to separately housed in a legal entity, being InvestCo.

The income from the investment made in these investments will be passed on to our communities in line with the requirements of Trust Deed of the Super Trust to further the main objectives of the Trust.

The strategic focus in future will have a greater focus on investing in commercial viable opportunities within our communities whilst investments outside our communities will have to comply with higher set investment criteria’s in order to ensure stable investment returns in future for our beneficiaries.